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October 2022

We all do it 25.000 times a day, we don’t consciously think about it, and we wouldn’t survive without it. Breathing. We are not giving it the attention it deserves. It has been known that ancient civilizations and eastern societies are seen as the foundational pillar of health and we in the west pay close to non-attention to them. Breathing has been shown to cure diseases, regulate stress and even change the shape of our faces. More it gives you the ability to take conscious control over your nervous, energy

Ensure Healthy Sleeping Habits become the norm for a good night's sleep The shorter you sleep, the shorter you are making your life span. Humans (and all other species) can never sleep back that which we have previously lost. Let that sink in. How sleep works. The hormone melatonin is produced by your brain in reaction to darkness. It aids in sleep as well as the timing of your circadian rhythms (24-hour internal clock). Light exposure at night can prevent the generation of melatonin. It helps regulate the timing of when sleep occurs by signalling

How to make gratitude a daily habit - mindful? Our general approach to gratitude is to express our appreciation for an event in our life that has happened. Following research into positive psychology, gratitude's definition is somewhat broadening. It should be mindfully implemented far more in our daily lives. In our view, gratitude can mean conscious appreciation of any aspect of our experiences. Sonja Lyubomirsky meanwhile offers a more poetic description: “The wonders are there; they are appreciated; they see the brighter side. They see an abundance; they thank somebody. Those